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Srishti Sharma Backs India’s First Women Safety Wearable- Shakti, Says There Are Still Many Nirbhaya’s Left

Srishti Sharma Backs India’s First Women Safety Wearable- Shakti, Says There Are Still Many Nirbhaya’s Left

Every day we open the newspapers and are welcomed with morning headlines – ‘ Two women brutally raped and murdered, cases against women domestic violence are at an all-time high, a six-month-old baby was brutally assaulted and left to die.’ We read these headlines, Feel bad, criticize the government and the police and simply forget it.

The tremendous amount of pain, trauma, and tremendous death experience that any woman and her respective family and loved ones have to go through under such situations is unimaginable.

Be it the Nirbhaya case that united the entire nation there are still multiple Nirbhayas that are still left unhurt and unseen.

Srishti Sharma is a serial entrepreneur and a social activist, a five-time TEDx speaker, and along with multiple scholars under her name, she has also been awarded as Asia’s most innovative women entrepreneur. After building multiple ventures in different sectors she is now all set to launch India’s first all-in-one women’s safety defensive wearable named  Shakti.

Shakti is India’s first all-in-one women’s safety cum defense wearable which at the moment comes in the form of a bangle that is a fashion accessory when not in use and a safety device when in use.

Shakti is a technological product presented in the form of a bangle that can be worn like an ordinary wearable and has a regulatory button attached to it. Whenever any user/woman wearing the bangle feels his or her safety is in a compromising situation the attached button can be turned on which electrifies an attacker when there is physical contact. Along with the electrification feature, the user’s live location is simultaneously sent to their top three or five contacts for immediate help assistance. Shakti is a technological tool that uses the power of a Square electric current to emit a non-deadly Shock wave to the attacker.

The functioning of the bangle might seem a little difficult but it has been tried and tested more than 87 times and is completely safe  for both the user and the attacker

The vision of Shakti is to turn every Indian woman into the Shakti that she already is. Shakti means power and the founder, Srishti Sharma believes that Indian women are already powerful and capable.  It’s just the time to remind them of their own power.

Shakti believes that in 2022, a girl should not be hesitant to board a cab alone at night, should not fear going to chemistry tuition in the evening, and her parents should not be scared when she’s out at night and her phone switches off.

We talk about equality and women’s empowerment but usually forget that women are already empowered species and we don’t need to empower them just set them free with the right tools and they’ll be all set to win the world.

“I have seen my mother having sleepless nights on days when I used to come home late, I still wonder how difficult life is for girls who have to commute, work, travel at night, or alone.

Being an entrepreneur for a very long time I wanted to find a very practical solution to this problem because today all we do is either blame the police the government or even the women.

Well, it’s time we stop calling women the victims rather collectively as a society must think how to practically solve one of the biggest issues of this country which is women’s safety.”- — says Srishti Sharma.

I want to make  Shakti a household product and every woman’s best friend that reminds her that she is complete, sustainable, and very fine to take care of her own safety, says Srishti.

Shakti has successfully built its prototype after more than 87 failed attempts and has also done the initial trial testing of and surveying and understanding of the market opportunity.

Going further we intend to start with bulk manufacturing, make the product live, and shall be accepting three orders hopefully from November 2022.

For me  Shakti is not just another venture, It’s rather the voice of those million women who have been suppressed, made to feel Like a weaker gender, and somewhere have been made to believe that they always need someone to take care of them.

I love that patriarchy-smashing dialogue from Jab We Met-‘ Ladki Khuli hui tijori Hoti hai .’ Well, It’s time to have a chabi of that Tijoriin your hand . ‘ – Says Srishti.

Shakti is not just another business, Sakthi is the voice of that little innocent girl who is still somewhere and just wishes to be free and do whatever she wants to.

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