Srishti Sharma

Serial Entrepreneur

Meet Srishti Sharma | Entrepreneur Behind Asia’s Frist Digital Esports Platform “GAME”

Meet Srishti Sharma | Entrepreneur Behind Asia’s Frist Digital Esports Platform “GAME”

Srishti Sharma  was born and brought up in New Delhi, She is one of the Youngest Entrepreneurs in India and has founded various projects that affect thousands of lives and Inspire Millions of Hearts. Srishti is one of well known Womenpreneur. Her ultimate curiosity motivated her to find problems in various dimensions and brainstorm solutions and create impacts. Srishti Sharma is  currently the  founder and CEO at  Kilkari game – gaming and multiplayers esports ( & previously leading . Co-Founder  designation  at .Human Science .

 Human Science is world’s first Technical Expert based organization working in Stress Elimination, She proudly say that we have been able to invent a Scientific Stress Elimination Technique which is a result of 12 years of intense research which holds the tendency to eliminate up to 40% of stress in just 25 minutes. 

Srishti has also founded various social projects, one of them is project Kilkari. It is an initiative that connects the street kids of our country to their basic right i.e Education by admitting them in schools and Educating them in the school structures known as  KilkariPaathshala. 

She call herself a ‘Doer’ and a strong believer of the fact that ‘Ideas do not work unless you Do”

Srishti has been two time’s TEDx Speaker & she hold various title’s some of them are as

  • Young achiever 2019 awardee. 
  • Indian icon leadership 2019 awardee
  • exemplary performer of the year 2019
  • Indian leadership awardee 2018
  • Distinguished women entrepreneur of the year 2019

Srishti has been Listed as ‘Most successful female entrepreneurs of India ‘ now converted into a book !

Public speaker and a change-maker!

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