Srishti Sharma

Serial Entrepreneur

Meet Srishti Sharma: Driving Forces of Empowerment and Transformation with “SHAKTI”

Meet Srishti Sharma: Driving Forces of Empowerment and Transformation with “SHAKTI”

When and how did you start?

To me (Srishti Sharma), the encounter with entrepreneurship was very experimental. I encountered entrepreneurship at the age of 16 years with my first social project, Kilkari. My experience with the project gave me confidence and an understanding of my leadership, team management, and problem-solving skills. From then on, there was no turning back. I have always been a problem. Solver and impact motivate me to get up every morning and work.

Srishti Sharma : Founder of shakti

How did you come up with the idea? Your inspirational moment

Talking about my latest venture Shakti, we realized that women’s safety is a deep-rooted problem in India. The current alternative solutions were not very feasible or practical.

We started without RND in April 2022 with the intention of building products that allow women to be safe and empowered in the true sense. Brief about the organization and founding members Shakti Wearables is India’s first women’s safety, a smart wearable technology company with its hero product Shakti, which is India’s first women crime preventive device.

Women Safety Wearable

In simpler words, it’s a smart band that can electrify an attacker and send a user location automatically to friends and family by a button press on the band. The idea was to create something feasible and practical that could allow the wearer to take their safety into their own hands.

The detailed journey, like what all you want to share with readers

I highly encourage people, especially young people, to chase their dreams, don’t let anyone ever tell you that your dreams are too big or you are dreaming too high, or you cannot do anything because you are short, a girl, inexperienced or any of the pseudo parameters, come in your way towards your journey of achieving your dreams.

When I started, I was discouraged by every second person, including my friends and family. A lot of people in the startup ecosystem told me that as a single founder and especially a female, I would not be able to survive. Life gives us choices every single day, depending on us. What do we choose to hear? 

About funding, plans for growth

I’m glad that Shakti Wearables has received an amazing response from the government of the country and has received some funds as well when various officials at Power show their support and encourage entrepreneurs to solve the problems of this country. It is even more encouraging. Going for the yes, we shall be raising funds from VCs and angel investors as well.

Challenges and Opportunities/ Marketing Strategies

There is an enormous untapped market in the defense space, and that is the bigger vision at Shakti.

We aspire to become India’s largest Self Defence weapon company. For now, we are eager and excited to be soon. Launching products Shakti that can help the women of this country to feel safer. In the true sense. All we need is the love and support of the people for home. I and the entire team at Project Shakti have worked very hard.

A quote from the founder on the journey, dealing with the challenge, or any inspiring moment

There have been multiple inspiring moments. It not only feels great but also gives you a sense of responsibility and accountability. When people expect certain great things from you, not just your friends and family, but your team, your customers, and the people for whom you are building products.

I remember recently being invited to a panel discussion. When I spoke about Shakti, an eight-year-old girl in the audience waited for me for more than three hours, and upon meeting me, she had my hand and said thank you for making this product. It will help Savita Didi ( her maid ), as I have always seen her tensed during the evening hours and saying, ‘Mein jaldi nikal jati hoon, raat ko uss gali mein ladke darate hai !’Says Srishti Sharma.

Your hook-up point, if any (something unexceptional you have done for your startup)

Oh yes, I have started traveling to Tier 2 and 3 cities alone, started taking public transport more often, and started getting out at late hours intentionally to understand the safety fear deeper. 

Your website/apps / and contact details

Our application is in the beta stage of development and will soon be out for users. Hopefully, in the next two months, while our website is

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