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How Femi Fund Aims to Change the Face of Entrepreneurship in India!

How Femi Fund Aims to Change the Face of Entrepreneurship in India!

The Indian Startup ecosystem has seen a great transformation in the last three years. With multiple views by Various industry experts, there have been different things predicted about the Indian startup ecosystem. While some experts believe that this is the time of starter winters which means the investor sentiments are not very much in favor of early-stage startups, some experts feel that this is the era of entrepreneurship And the Indian start-up ecosystem can expect to see some unicorns in the next 2 to 3 years.

Speaking specifically about women entrepreneurship, the Indian start-up ecosystem is the third largest ecosystem in the world, and yet the women participation rate is less than 14%, India still struggles with single-digit statistics when it comes to the investments given to solo female founders and the scarcity of women in a top leadership position has been a continuous fight.

With the intention and focus to make the Indian start-up ecosystem more accessible, and equal and to foster women’s entrepreneurship ( entrepreneurship in general ), Femi Fund aims to launch a women-specific but not restricted venture capital fund to invest in women-led businesses and encourage women from different parts of the country to follow the dream and passion of entrepreneurship.

Femi Fund aims to push the envelope and structure of the Indian funding space.

‘ Finance and valuations Can also be entertaining.’ Believes the team at Femi fund.

‘There is a difference in seeing the under-representation of women in leadership position vs living a life like that for a decade’-  says the founder of Femi Fund –  Srishti Sharma.

The core team at Femi fund includes Rashi JoshiAnurag MaheshwariPravash Dey, and Shreya Vashisht.

With over two decades of experience not just building their own businesses but also being and acting as financial analysts, advisors, mentors, and investors, the team at Femi Fund is a holistic team with a big vision to change the face of entrepreneurship and under-representation of female founders in India.

The team also shares their plans Of not just limiting themselves to a typical venture capital fund but also adding some elements of entertainment and OTT streaming in the process.

Femi fund Is not just another diverse fund but rather is an attempt to realistically reduce the unequal statistics between the two genders in the field of entrepreneurship.

As the tagline of Femi fund says – Ek Kadam  Nahi, challang hai!

The official website of Femi fund can be checked at – and they can be followed on their official Instagram channel —  Femi_fundd!

We wish Femi Fund the very best in their journey and wish them a lot of success with the impact that in vision to create!

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