Srishti Sharma

Serial Entrepreneur

Game:Asia’s First Online Esports Marketplace-Founder Srishti Sharma

Game:Asia’s First Online Esports Marketplace-Founder Srishti Sharma

I am a Serial entrepreneur and social activist . 

Currently the founder at Asia’s first online esports marketplace named GAME . I am also building world’s first company in space mining 
Some of the previous work experience include co founder at Human science , founder at Kilkari and Rehmat . With over 8 years of experience in ideation , management, marketing , administration and finance handling .
4 times TEDx speaker, Josh talks speaker , Young achiever 2019 awardee , Indian icon leadership 2019 awardee, exemplary performer of the year 2019 , Indian leadership awardee 2018 and \’Distinguished women entrepreneur of the year \’ 2019! 

Asia’s most innovative women entrepreneur of of the year 2020 by Yeforum !

Listed as ‘Most successful female entrepreneurs of India ‘ now converted into a book ! 

The founders of GAME started the platform as they observed and recognized a gap in the demand and supply of the esports industry. They observed that despite the fact that the gaming/esports industry is futuristic in nature and booming, it surprisingly had no single dedicated Esports platform for gamers to showcase their talent and earn. The gap is now being analyzed by them, and hence, lead to the birth of GAME. The initial five months were invested in making the product-market fit and analyzing if the need for such a platform actually exists in the market or not. As building something that is not required cannot be monetized. And, as expected they started to receive positive feedback in no time. They made sure to build a product that customers love before launching it in the market. GAME at present is bootstrapped, it’s a complete online B2C platform generating revenue from advertisements and a Sponsorship model

She is at present working on her latest venture called game- Gaming Gone Epic ( The genesis behind the idea is to promote careers in esports. Game is the world’s and India’s first unique esports platform that lets you Play, Participate, Stream and Earn under one roof. Srishti Sharma co-founded GAME with Prateek Pandey who holds  8 + years of experience in gaming, development, robotics, and technology. As stated by her, they don’t hold any direct competition but there are few indirect tournament conduction companies. With no to negligible competition, the future for GAME looks amazingly bright. India has seen over 60 % growth in the last 3 years and with Covid being in the picture, the retention user rate towards the gaming industry has increased exponentially. This is one of these industries/sectors that has experienced positive impacts of covid, in economic terms. For a business like theirs, covid acted as a positive catalyst as the user retention rate towards gaming platforms has increased manifolds.

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