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Do not Startup – I will present the reality and leave it for people to decide says Srishti Sharma

Do not Startup – I will present the reality and leave it for people to decide says Srishti Sharma

In today’s era of Shark Tank India, startups and entrepreneurship have become everyday household names.  We usually think that entrepreneurship is all about fancy cars, private jets, and billions of dollars and get attracted by the glamorization of the same.

So many young Indians have fallen for the trap that ‘9 to 5 is a boring task,’ while being a founder is trendy and falls to the trap.

2-3 tech startups are born daily while 8 -10 die every single day. In the last 10 years, although we have seen rapid growth in the world of start-ups in India, there also has been the birth of a structure that is popularly been called the startup bubble, More closely focused on big numbers at the cost of incurring huge losses and getting trapped into the valuation game.

‘With big news, seeing startups releasing IPOs, Shark tank and seeing wealthy founders, I feel somewhere we are putting a wrong image about the journey of startups in India.’ – says Srishti Sharma.

‘I have been fortunate to mentor and interact with multiple young minds and have realized that there is a lot of young entrepreneurial talent in India with great ideas but not the correct knowledge to startup.’ quotes Srishti while speaking.

Do not Startup is an attempt by Ms. Srishti Sharma, a serial entrepreneur who is also a 5 timed TEDx speaker and has won multiple scholarships in the field of business and leadership. She is also recognized as Asia’s most innovative women entrepreneur. It’s an Ed-tech online course that focuses on the practical execution of a startup idea into a business.

‘ I think it’s high time for young India to know what they are signing up for before starting up. I attempt to present nothing but the reality of entrepreneurship and then leave it to people to decide if they would want to pursue the same or not ‘ – says Srishti Sharma on her vision behind the course.

Do not Startup is an eye opener on the reality of entrepreneurship which is a combination of practical execution to some of the most common doubts people have while starting up and her own experiences.

‘I soon realized that even if I interact with one college per day, it will take 20 years or more to share the lesser talked about side of entrepreneurship- says Ms. Srishti .’

Do not Startup is an attempt that has been built to show the reality, myths, taboos, and execution in the journey of entrepreneurship.

The course shall be launched around May 22, 2023, and can be availed from the website –  at extremely affordable prices.

Do not Startup is an attempt to make the Indian youth smarter and more aware of the reality than being trapped by superficial selling images. We wish Srishti Sharma great success in the same!

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