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Innovative Business Ideas and Brainstorming

Thinking of starting a startup ? Hold on just a minute! Our course, “Do Not Startup, ” provides a brutally honest look at the realities of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is not for everyone, and that’s okay. Our course, “Do Not Startup,” gives you an unfiltered look at the highs and lows of building a business from scratch. From financial risks to personal sacrifices, learn what it really takes to succeed as an entrepreneur. Join us and discover if the startup life is right for you!

Course Contents

Why you need this course

How to find an idea and relevant Frameworks

Valuations & Exits

Basics of marketing & Finance

Startup Compliances

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Srishti Sharma

4x Founder | Angel Investor | 5 Times Tedx Speaker | Asia’s Most Innovatives Women Entrepreneur


Clients Testimonials

“Before taking ‘Do Not Startup’, I was blinded by the hype. This course opened my eyes to the realities of the startup world, good and bad. It gave me a rock-solid framework to assess my idea, build a realistic plan, and avoid costly mistakes. I still want to launch, but now I’m doing it with my eyes wide open and a grounded strategy. Thanks for the reality check!”

Ayush Sharma

Owner – IT Startup

‘Do Not Startup’ wasn’t about stopping dreams, but bursting bubbles. I entered with a pie-in-the-sky idea, and left with a laser-focused plan and a healthy dose of reality. The course taught me to manage expectations, navigate funding hurdles, and prioritize smart resource management. No more rose-tinted glasses here! I’m still launching, but now I’m equipped to thrive, not just survive.”

Rohit Kapoor

Owner – Ayurveda Startup

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